World’s Largest Photo – 1,200 Billboards!

Admin May 21, 2010 0

The world record for the largest digital photograph now belongs to a massive image of Dubai. Nearly doubling the previous record-holder, photographer Gerald Donovan’s photo is a whopping 45 gigapixels and, if printed out, would be big enough to cover 1,200 billboards.


The panoramic shot of Dubai by photographer Gerald Donovan.

Using the GigaPan EPIC Pro robotic camera, which was designed according to technology used by NASA’s Mars Rover, Donovan took over 4,000 pictures during a 4-hour marathon shoot, then patched all the photos together to create one gargantuan image.

“This was intended as a technical test,” said Donovan said in a press release. “It was about exploring the limits of the hardware and software out there.”

In the image itself, which you can see at, you can zoom in on the world’s tallest building, Burj Khailfa, along with hundreds of other structures in the city of Dubai. The image has good clarity, though Donovan says the city’s poor air quality is to blame for the fact that it looks slightly muddled.



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