Up and Coming Jalin Roze – Rocketeer (Dawn of the Deadstock) [Video]

Admin June 6, 2011 1

Jalin Roze, have you heard of him? If not, now’s the time to open your ear-buds and let his smooth flowing sounds engulf your soul and get your head nodding. It didn’t take long for me to put young Jalin at the top of my favorite new artists list… actually, as of right now – he’s gracing the number one position.

After seeing my favorite Louisville DJ (DJ Fluid) tweet multiple times about Jalin Roze, I felt it was time to take a look at hip hop lyricist, Jalin Roze. After all, his album Few & Far Between is available for FREE to download on his website. His music is easy on the ears and his lyrics are mature; ranging from social issues, feeling free, friends, family and intertwined with a bit of entertainment. You can sense his passion for what he does and it’s exemplified in each of his songs.

Interested in learning more, I dug up this entertaining and well-shot video by Visual Space Media, entitled “Rocketeer (Dawn of the Deadstock)” off of Jalin’s “Few and Far Between” EP. Produced by Josh La Rock and also featuring Tarik Adams. According to VSM, the video was an impromptu shoot, filmed at Louisville’s Zombie Walk on Bardstown Road. Sit back and enjoy… there will definitely be more Jalin in the future on LimeWedge.net – so stay tuned!

And below, producer Josh La Rock speaks about his inspiration and sound.

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