Underwater Paradise – Underwater Bedroom in the Maldives

Admin July 14, 2011 0

Sleeping with the fishes, in the best way imaginable. From here on, just pretend that Robin Leach is narrating this post in your head…

A little over five years ago, Conrad Maldives Rangali island opened the very first underwater restaurant. Now, to celebrate their anniversary, the restaurant offered guests the chance to dine AND sleep under the sea. The 12 seat restaurant, which lies about 16 feet below sea level of the Indian Ocean, was converted into a private bedroom suite for two, complete with a champagne dinner and breakfast in bed the following morning. The view of the coral reef outside the glass, and the constant flow of marine life all around the guests is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. (Or possibly more than once, if they’re really damn rich and luxurious.)

The rest of the resort, above water, isn’t too shabby either. The Maldives hotel boasts 50 water villas, 79 exotic beach vilas, and 21 spa water villas with private treatment rooms.  Living areas are arranged around courtyards with a fountain, while large outdoor garden-bathrooms offer a taste of the tropics, and the grand experience of bringing you back to nature.  A.k.a.  shitting in the great outdoors!  Welcome to Fantasy Island, my friends!

Found at the up and coming ClothesBeforeHoes – I dig their stuff!

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