Uber Geeky Home Decor

Admin June 15, 2010 0

Magnetic 3d mesh curtains

Ascii curtains

Wallpeppr: Paint with Flickr images

Light emitting wallpaper

Persian puzzle rug

Space Invaders wall decals

Geeky Kitchen and Bath Decor

Luminous ripple faucet

Musical shower

Toast printer

WC Notes

Keyboard waffles | Tetris ice cubes | Star Trek bottle opener

Kitchen stuff from LEGO

LEGO salt and pepper
Geeky Furniture

Cut out PANO chair

Han Solo carbonite desk

Pixelated sofa

Cardboard folding chair

Arcade coffee table
Appliances, Pillows and Other Decorative Objects

Rideable vacuum cleaner

Defendius maze door chain

Emoticon pillows | Space Invaders pillows and bath towel | Binary pillow | PacMan plush set

[Credit: webofentertainment]


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