The True Clean Towel – Know Where Your Towel has Been

Admin November 4, 2010 1

According to True Clean Towel: Our idea was based on a very simple idea, knowing where your towel was used the day before. We all have the thought when we step out of the shower and grab for that old towel, I don’t know what body part I used to dry this with yesterday. We decided to solve the age old problem.

After spending months researching how to properly create this towel, we decided a few things. Firstly, it had to be a quality product. This is not a novelty item (although the idea of it is worth a laugh). It is a high quality, oversized towel. And, the design is woven into the towel rather than screen printed. This means it will stand up to washing and not have a ‘scratchy’ feeling.  Secondly, we wanted to make this towel reasonably priced. By working our butts off, we have kept costs down and offer this at a price that is far less than what you would pay for something like this at a big box retailer.

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