The Pure White House Design x Susanna Cots

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Pure White House

Off the coast of Almuñécar, Spain is this beautiful rectangular stacked home, perched atop a cliff overlooking the endless sea and engulfed by natural light. Spanish interior designer Susanna Cots is the brains behind the Pure White House. According to KNSTRCT, to allow the natural scenery to be the focal point of the home white was used as a dominant element to create a canvas for the stunning backdrop.

The designer explained, “The daytime area –dining room and living room- is designed in a way that the exterior seems to enter the house so when seated on the sofa one can almost feel the sea.” The top of the home that houses the main suite is ideal for a relaxing escape! The space has a wide opening for indoor/outdoor access and allows for abundant natural light and air to ventilate through the home. The Pure white House is magical for so many reasons, a place to relax with nature, and enjoy a sun filled day!

Pure White House

Photographs: Mauricio Fuertes

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