The MacBook Design Concept in the Year 2020

Admin May 20, 2011 1

What’s the future design of the MacBook in the year 2020? Well, designer Tommaso Gecchelin has a vision of what the future holds.

Envision a computer nearly paper thin, able to shape shift from metal to plastic. Thanks to molecular manufacturing, a micro-lattice nano material enables you to shrink the dimensions to fit into your pocket. Nano technology miniaturizes familiar technologies into thin sheets of composites, each serving a separate function. One layer is photo voltaic for infinite battery life. One layer projects ultrasound waves for tactile feedback. Another layer works like a pelican cam to capture the real world in 3D while a separate layer works like a holographic emitter. And of course, everything is wireless. No ports, no cables.

Found at YankoDesign

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  1. SdfNo Gravatar May 20, 2011 at 2:48 am -

    Amazing Concept!

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