The Asian American Jersey Shore Spin-off K-Town via MTV [Video]

Admin March 31, 2011 0

As “Jersey Shore” fans anxiously await the season three finale tonight, March 24, there’s a new “Jersey Shore” spin-off making its rounds on the Internet.

Like the hit MTV show, “K-Town,” set in the Korea Town sector of Los Angeles, has a cast of young adults looking to party hard. The difference, they’re all Asian Americans.

The sizzle reel for the show starts out with pictures and stats, referencing the high level of education and income among Asian Americans. Then it quickly cuts to booty dancing, make outs, and, in “Jersey Shore” fashion, shots!

There is still no word as to whether the program will actually air, but the original “Jersey Shore” has been picked up for a fourth season and this time the cast will be in Italy. [via]

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