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Credit: ZNet

I really love my smartphones and on Friday I pre-ordered a Sprint Samsung Epic 4G because I may pick one up on the 31st and didn’t want to risk having Sprint run out of the device before I had a chance to make up my mind. In order to help me decide if I move from my HTC EVO 4G to the Epic 4G, I wanted to check out detailed reviews and hopefully get one in my hand for evaluation before the release date. I haven’t received one to test yet myself, but several other sites obviously have as it looks like the embargo lifted tonight.

If you too are interested in this standout Samsung Galaxy S device launching on Sprint on 31 August, then I recommend you read through the following reviews:

Based on my own experiences with the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant I wanted to see if GPS was still an issue and how the reception of the Epic 4G is with Sprint. I read through each of the above reviews in detail and some mentioned GPS was still an issue while one said it was fine. Reception does not seem to be a problem at all though and Samsung has stated they will release a GPS fix in September.

I am still not sure the Epic 4G is an upgrade to the EVO 4G and it looks like it comes down to the need for a hardware QWERTY keyboard or not. It looks like Samsung has a bit of work to do on refining the software and Android 2.2 is now out for the EVO 4G. [Credit: ZDNet]

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