SkyRunner All-Terrain Vehicle

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Skyrunner All Terrain Vehicle

If your dreams are more of The Jetsons variety, don’t miss the SkyRunner (, a vehicle that’s part dune buggy, part light aircraft. On the road it’s powered by rear-wheel drive with pneumatic paddle shifters (similar to an Aston Martin). In the air a prop-driven parachute or “high-performance elliptical wing” takes over. British manufacturer Parajet designed and developed the SkyRunner, and Shreveport, La.-based Hamel Interests Private Equity is working on manufacturing and distribution. Stewart Hamel says the company will be taking deposits at the show for 2014 delivery of the first SkyRunners, anticipated (at this point) to cost $119,000. A vehicle will be on display at Hall of Fame Floating Dock 25A, and a second will be used for flight demonstrations, he says.

SkyRunner All-Terrain Vehicle

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