Nissan New Mobility Concept EV – Zero Emissions Vehicle

Admin November 3, 2010 0

Check out this new miniature sized golf-cart looking zero-emissions vehicle. Called the Nissan New Mobility Concept, this bite-sized ride hopes to help and serve the market to help those with their short game. According to Nissan:

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced a proposal for new mobility in a sustainable zero emission society and an electric vehicle (EV) embodying its proposal, ‘NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT’.

Nissan continues to envision new possibilities realized by EVs. One proposal is a sustainable, efficient and convenient mode of transportation focusing on the increase of elderly and single households, as well as the trend of driving short-distances or in smaller groups. NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT is our proposal to make this a reality.

Four keywords outline the NISSAN New Mobility CONCEPT (Pictures: via Flickr):

  • Innovative – New two-seater compact mobility for various needs and occasions
  • Easy – Size which enables anyone to drive and park easily
  • Safe – Maneuverability equivalent to motorbikes with greater safety
  • Clean – No emissions while driving

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