Muhammad Ali Sculpture Made of 1,300 Speed Bags [Pics]

Admin March 2, 2011 0

Com­ing to Nokia Plaza L.A. Live in Los Ange­les on March 25, 2011 is a new, one-??of-??a-??kind sculp­ture that pays homage to one of the great­est box­ers of all-??time, Muham­mad Ali. Made up of 1,300 box­ing speed bags, the piece stands at 22 feet high and is held up by 5 miles of stain­less steel cable and 2 miles of alu­minum tub­ing.

The idea for reALIze came about when Lonnie Ali, and her husband Muhammad, saw a tv segment about Kalish’s pop-art license plates. Intrigued by his work, Mrs. Ali reached out to Kalish, which led to the artist creating a piece for the Ali family. That first sculpture led to a lasting relationship between Kalish and the Alis and ultimately inspired reALIze, an installation created to be as mythical as the boxer himself.

Of course, the coolest part is that if you look from all angles but straight on, it’ll just look like a boxing-inspired rainstorm. Stand at just the right place and you’ll see a photorealistic vision of Muhammad Ali appear right in front of your very eyes!

“I love turning ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art,” said Kalish. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m honored I could create this monument to pay homage to such an incredible man.”

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