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Admin December 12, 2010 0

Pet and people treats to share with your pup! Enjoy your food but a bit apprehensive to share it with your furry friend? Let me introduce you to Little Eatz, the all-natural gourmet cookie that’s a little bit sweet, a whole lot crunchy, and safe for you and your pup.

If you’re pet is anything like mine (Bella, pictured below), then I’m sure you feel for your poor pup having to eat those crunchy, gritty and tasteless pellets of dog food. Even their so-called, ‘treats’ are about as tasteless as a cardboard box (trust me, I’ve tried them)! What better way to treat your pup (or yourself), than with a delicious all-natural gourmet cookie. My pup LOVES THEM!

Don’t waste anymore time… show your appreciation for all the love and affection your pet gives you with Little Eatz treats. Don’t have a pet at home? Little Eatz makes a great gift for a friend or family’s furry friend. Shop now online or check out Little Eatz at any of the bellow locations! Also, be sure to join them on Facebook.

Little Eatz is currently available in Sandy’s Pet Shop on 1421 Hess Lane in Louisville, Paul’s Fruit Market, all 4 area locations, The Pet Station in Norton Commons, Garden Gate Fruit Market, Rainbow Blossom, all locations, and Amazing Grace in the Highlands.

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