Lady Gaga – Marry The Night [Music]

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“Marry the Night” is a song by Lady Gaga off of her third album, Born This Way. Gaga previewed part of the song during the intro to the 43rd Transmission Gagavision on April 20, 2011. The song played as Gaga typed in “Marry the Night” alphanumerically on her phone (62779-843-64448).

The song title was revealed through an interview with Ryan Seacrest on February 15th, 2011. Gaga not only mentioned that it’s one of her favorite songs off the album, but also that it’s a “club-banger”. During an interview with Billboard magazine, Gaga stated that it was the last track on the album, and that it was originally planned to be the lead single. During an interview with The Skorpion Show, Gaga announced that the song will be used as a promotional single for the album, being released before the album drops. In the same interview, she also stated that the song is a potential third single, however she “wants to leave it up to the fans to decide when the album comes out” about what song will become the official third single. Which was later confirmed to “The Edge of Glory”.

Marry The Night by dracudj

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