Kizer Arts, Layzie Bone – More Than Art – An Experience with Nine 1 Nine Event

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Aaron Kizer, notoriously known for his mind-blowing speed paintings and most notably his sold out show where created a masterpiece of Steve Jobs in just minutes is at it again. The video went viral, picked-up on numerous media outlets, to include Cult of Mac. This time around, Kizer is launching yet another event, Nine-1-Nine, that breaks the barriers of any traditional art show into a full-on experience with musical performances by Bone Thugs n Harmony member, Layzie Bone atop the Owensboro Parking Garage, overlooking the river.

Below is a promo video of the event. Though Nine-1-Nine has yet to leak many details, you can be assured that it won’t disappoint. Expect not just a showing of various art pieces, but one that stimulates your senses and emotions to a level that I doubt you’ve experienced before with full-size installations and what we’ve been able to capture – the potential for some type of outdoor air show (but we can’t confirm – this is based on our observations of the Facebook page).

A few teasers include a painting of The Dark Knight’s BANE and Bill Cosby as a Jello Pudding Pop installation. Tickets can be purchased here.

Bill Cosby - Aaron Kizer

BANE Print Nine-1-Nine

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