Houston Texans / Tennessee Titans Fight Andre Johnson – Finnegan ejected [Video]

Admin November 28, 2010 0

Fight ensues between the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans.

HOUSTON — Houston’s Andre Johnson and Tennessee’s Cortland Finnegan were involved in a fist fight that got both players ejected in the fourth quarter Sunday.

Finnegan hit Johnson in the mouth at the line of scrimmage and Johnson ripped Finnegan’s helmet off. Johnson threw him to the ground as his helmet came off and the receiver punched him at least twice in the head and face. [ESPN]

Last year, another fight on the sideline also ensued. Some tough blood between the two teams.

Jones was ejected from the game in the fourth quarter for allegedly punching a player on the Texans sideline after a scuffle between Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan and Texans receiver Andre Johnson spilled over into the bench area. Read the full spread at TheCityPaper.

Houston Texans / Tennessee Titans sideline Fight

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