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The cool September mornings sit upon the footsteps of the Fall. It’s just about that time of year again. Retailers begin marking down the last of the summer threads and life-like manikins play dress-up in the windows, strutting the hottest and trendiest Fall fashions.  So what’s in store (no pun intended) for this Fall/WInter 2010? Everything from the runway to the classic conservative clothing tucked away in your attic, make the list. Let me take you down the fashion waterfall as we start from head to toe on what’s hot and what’s not this Fall.

Photo: Imaxtree

Hair: it’s time to let go of the sun bleached and frazzled hair colored by chlorine and steer clear of too much heat treatment and embrace / enhance your natural wave. Leave the flatiron for the fishes this Fall. According to hair guru, Ted Gibson, straight hair will reign supreme. “It’s making a comeback,” he says, noting the sleek styles he crafted for the Vena Cava and J. Mendel fall 2010 shows. So how do you wear it without your hair falling flat?  Gibson noted, “To maintain movement and volume, iron more hair at a time, versus less,” he says. “The finer the sections, the flatter your results will be.”

Military’s in again? Why yes, yes it is *salutes you via webcam*. Military fashion continues it’s emergence in this year’s Fall and Winter trends. A couple of the key looks to ‘shoot’ for are Army or Aviator. Stand out, but proceed with caution… make your presence known but not invisible and by invisible I mean let’s not go for military camo print. Instead, seek out Army Green or settle for a Navy.

Photo: Refinery29

Photo: Fashionising

Other notable trends to look for this fall include:

  • Leather – match it with the military greens using pants, boots, or a rugged warrior jacket… leather remains timeless.
  • Buttoned-up Collars – and I mean way up! The key to wearing this look is in it’s soft sophistication and modesty. Try not to get too carried away, keep it clean and simple.
  • Knee-high Socks – “Hit me baby one more time!” Sorry, just reminds me of a young Britney Spears slamming lockers in school halls. Anyhow, use your imagination here, but try to stick with the underlying chromatic colors of your outfit. Mix and match, it’s the time to be bold and surface that school-girl inspired look.
  • Camel Coats – no surprise here, wear it for that soft and sophisticated look.

Last but not least, let’s take a peak at what shoes and boots will break necks and tickle the double takes of many.  Thigh-high boots are all the rage this Fall. What? But you’ve been speaking of soft, subtle and sophisticated looks, Lewis. Yep, I sure have been, but you’ve got to make it pop, and thigh-high boots is how you do that. Now lets not get carried away here, everything in moderation is what I always say. Though these boots used to echo “Sex or CFM” in the minds of many – rock it with style… and stay classy Louisville.

Photo: Fashionising

Fellas, don’t fret… though our lady counterparts are far more into fashion than you and I, I’ve got a few Fall tips for us as well.

The military men’s look is in, as it is for women. Stay with the army green or perhaps navy tones highlighted with brass buttons.  Up the authenticity and find some antique looking buttons for your single or double-breasted winter jacket. Moving on to the more formalwear, suits.  What best suits you this Winter?  Well, needless to say, suits can be compatible year-round (putting into consideration it’s material weight)… Skinny suits aren’t out, but they’re moving towards the exits.  This doesn’t mean slim is out.  Keep a slim waist, coupled with somewhat broad shoulders and a more form fitting trouser pant. Also in this Fall are the continued emergence of the 3-piece suit and the double-breasted suit.  Keep it classic, yet fashionable.  Couple it with a bow-tie and a pocket watch (one accessory I’m personally on a vengeance to bring back) and badda-bing! Dapper Dan you are!

Tom Ford Suit

Photo: Fashionising

Until next time my fashionable friends… have fun, feel comfortable, be bold at times, yet maintain the classic and stylish looks that transcend generations.

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