Enjoy It While You Can Street Art via Kizer Arts

Admin May 16, 2011 8

An artistic idea fabricated by the talented Aaron Kizer, of Kizer Arts, turned into an amazing exhibition of street art with the help of a few friends. The amazing pictures were created with great contrast using sidewalk chalk against the side of a rustic city brick building in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Working late into the night as dusk fell upon them and early into the morning (5 am), this fantastic chalk mural took roughly five hours to complete. The concept and meaning behind the chalk mural is that:

..everything, even Life, is temporary – so enjoy it while you can.

Joey Stewart of Stewart Photography was able to capture their progression throughout the night and into the early morning. Below you’ll find the stunning and artistic creations of: Aaron Kizer, Joey Stewart, Kitty Kizer, Jeremiah Johnson (shirt designer for ShirtCult), Meagan Williams, Danny Beeler, and Adrianne Condray.


  1. Noni FreespiritNo Gravatar September 7, 2011 at 10:48 am -

    love the one with Dali’s face ;) nice!

  2. JanNo Gravatar February 18, 2012 at 6:06 pm -

    I am originally from Oboro  but now living in Michigan; so impressed with this young man !!!! AWESOME<3<3<3

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