Design That Fits the Solo Sexual Experience

Admin September 9, 2010 0

This project goes by the name “Sono Love,” and it is a sex toy for women. Made specifically for the solo sport, the masturbatory day-to-day of a female. Performing this act of pleasure on one’s self can be different each time, a different set of movements required to acquire a higher or lower sense of electricity and release. The Sono Love, its shape taking inspiration from the ray and the orchid, has a centralized vibrating cartridge that flows across the entire intuitively sensually shaped object, allowing the lady to satisfy herself in a grip of ways.

The Sono Love can be used as an extension of the hand, working the woman through the “phase of excitement” all the way up to the “back-formation phase,” taking the user on a journey she’s never before traversed.

Many positions and many uses, many solutions and many ends.

Made of silicone. Packaged with a cute little pocket pillow for hiding on your bed.

Designer: Patrycja Domanska Credit via YankoDesign

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