Corn Syrup, Corn Sugar, Just Plain Corny

Admin September 16, 2010 0

Some say corn syrup, others say corn sugar… I just call it CORNY! The CRA, Corn Republic of America, I mean the Corn Renamers of America… no seriously, the Corn Refiners Association has decided to take action and rename the once, high-fructose corn syrup, a much family friendly and no syrup-y sounding “Corn Sugar.” Not only that, but hey – what better way to rename corn syrup than to make a website!

“The name ‘corn sugar’ more accurately reflects the source of the food (corn), identifies the basic nature of the food (a sugar), and discloses the food’s function (a sweetener),” the petition said.

The FDA has yet to approve the new ‘corny’ naming convention, but hey… once they see that amazing website, who can deny the new name? Shots for corn syrup, I mean corn sugar, for the bar!

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