Ashton Kutcher’s Two and a Half Men Trailer [Pics]

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TMZ reported a few weeks ago that Ashton Kutcher had an enormous double decker trailer as his home away from home on the Two and a Half Men set. As we’ve also heard, Ashton is currently the highest paid actor on television with this new, untested gig and is pulling in at least $700,000 an episode. TMZ did a follow up that Ashton’s take home was actually higher than that, from around $800,000 to $900,000 an episode. Either way, he’s making big money and he has a big ass trailer to go along with that. E! had photos of the exterior and interior of those type of trailers, and reports that the trailer is 1,000 square feet.

Wait, this is a trailer?!

We knew the folks over at Two and a Half Men are enjoying Ashton Kutcher on set, but we didn’t know they loved him enough to fork over $8,750 a week for him.

Reports are saying that Charlie Sheen’s replacement will be staying in one of these babies while shooting the sitcom.

Let’s take a look inside!

This luxurious 1,000 square-foot Anderson Mobile Estate includes two bathrooms, a kitchen with granite counter tops, a wireless touch screen that controls heat, air conditioning, brightness and the blinds, and a conference area.

Oh did we mention there’s seven 60-inch 3-D plasma TVs, also? Yeah, we’re serious.

As if that wasn’t enough, the mobile home also includes side sections and a second floor that hydraulically emerges from the main body of the vehicle.

In case you’re wondering how much pocket change you’d have to set aside to own one of these bad boys, it’d be somewhere around $2 million.

Considering how much bank Kutcher will be making per episode, he just might make this purchase permanent.

[From E! Online]

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