Architecture – The Abu Samra House

Admin April 27, 2011 0

One of the hardest concepts to master in architecture is that of contrast. This is partly due to zoning that essentially prohibits one architecture from standing out too much from any other in it’s immediate context. But it’s also a reflection on what architects care about. In a word, architects care about form. If I had a dollar for every pure white architectural model in the world, I’d be a very rich man.

Admittedly, the model for this project by Symbiosis Designs was also pure white, but in its built form, it achieved a material contrast that accent every formal move within the design. The subtle, yet deliberate use of color brings those form to life and give them meaning. Nothing against the white model, and I know it has a valuable purpose, but you might start designing in the color dimension and see what happens. [via]

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