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It is a most beautiful experience — the sounds and colors of fireworks in the silence and darkness of night. Words alone cannot describe such an experience. The sky comes alive with so many vibrant hues, starbursts, and showers of light along with ribbons of smoke, making us happy and awestruck. Photographing fireworks, however, is not an easy task.

To celebrate the beauty of fireworks, we present a showcase of beautiful fireworks photography. Each image is linked to the original photographer’s page with their profile names — so you can view more of their work or even thank them for their contribution. And finally, remember to have a camera handy this coming New Year’s Eve!

Beautiful Pictures Of Fireworks

Citizens Bank Park Fireworks


fireworks on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Seattle New Year

4th of July fireworks


Fireworks at festival in Hella

Blue Explosion on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

United Kingdom fireworks at the celebration of light

Daniel Avilés

New Year’s Eve fireworks

4th of July

Waikiki Fireworks

Japanese Fireworks


New Years Eve Sydney 2008 Fireworks

Its all about the view

Epcot 2009 2 Fireworks

14 juillet en couleur

Bridge to Next Island


New trial … View large!!

South Africa Night

The Big Bang (?)

Quincy Fireworks

Milton, VT Fireworks ‘08

Eiffel Tower

Fire & Sea

Starburst Frailty

Fireworks at Otsego Lake


(via helloocsem)


U. Rain

Jeremy Snell

David J. Nightingale


Nick Tan

Piero Sierra


Passion flower



Things to keep in mind for your Fireworks photos this year

To make some truly stunning fireworks shots, you need keep a couple of things in mind. First, a normal camera can’t handle such high levels of light. Although you’re shooting at night, using your flash won’t make any difference. Also, the light produced by fireworks is more than enough to capture a decent shot. For more dramatic results, you may choose longer exposure. And to ensure a high-quality result, always be ready for initial explosions when there’s less smoke in the atmosphere.

Other things to keep in mind are to use low ISO, set focal length to infinity, use a tripod and of course use manual mode. Some cameras have “Fireworks Mode” which saves you the trouble of having to adjust a lot of different settings. Just set the camera to “Fireworks Mode” and you’re ready for action!

And, of course, Happy New Year’s Eve! [Credit:]


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