Adele vs Jay-Z vs Biggie – Rolling In the Deep [Voodoo Farm Remix]

Admin March 6, 2011 0

Adele is the kind of artist that mashers love, her voice is smooth and sultry and her drum and bass sound is easily manipulated. Mike Boogie actually made a whole album around Adele with a number of sick mash-ups. Download that here. At any rate, Voodoo Farm has taken notice to Adele’s hot new track “Rolling in the Deep” from her sophomore album 21. There sick remix/mashup catches the flow of Jay-Z’s swag the fire of Biggie’s verse and the soul of Adele. Most definitely worth the listen. Much better than other mashups, I’ve heard of Jay- Z and Adele. “There’s a fire starting in my heart…” [via]

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