Fashion – Jacket has 200 Laser Diodes

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We agree that Wie-Chieh Shih Jacket Is absolutely pointless, but absolutely cool. Featuring a full 200 Laser Diodes, wearing this bad boy will essentially turn you into Mother One… Well without the golden symbiote and targeting system that is.

This gadget proves to me that there are some things that you should do with technology, simply because you can.

Case in point, a jacket that is nothing but “frickin’ lasers”. There are about 200 of these laser diodes that are sewn on the garment itself. There is nothing here that could help feed the world, but this jacket is just “frickin’ cool”.

I suppose the reason why this laser-jacket was made is so that you look like a disco ball without any light to make the myriad reflections. Except that you’re creating dots of red light, not white.

I believe that Bono once wore one of these jackets for one of his concerts, and there was concern that people viewing this jacket could be hurt. After all, there is a reason why you’re not supposed to look at the laser on your CD or DVD player.

It turned out that the lasers on Bono’s jacket were “safe class 2M lasers which have been defocused for additional safety”. I have no idea if the creator, Wie-Chieh Shih, took the same precautions.

But hey, I’m assuming if this guy is intelligent enough to create a jacket with 200 laser diodes, then he is smart enough to figure out how to make the beams not blinding.

I just had an awesome thought, though. Imagine this guy wearing a laser jacket, standing in a House of Mirrors.

[Credit: NerdWithSwag]

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