10 Reasons You Should Stop Playing Games And Start Being Forward

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Games keep us on our toes, make the chase exciting, and are occasionally fun. The problem with games, though, is there is always a winner and a loser. If you regularly like to play games in relationships, then it’s a safe bet that eventually you’ll get played. That’s when you realize that being forward with the person you like may have been the simpler and easier way to go about things. More importantly, if you had been forward and played less games, then you might have gotten what you wanted in the long run. After the jump find 10 reasons why you should stop playing games and start being more forward. You’d be surprised what it can do for you.

  1. True colors always come out. You can play games and pretend to be something you’re not for as long as you want, but you’re true colors will come out eventually. If you’re simply forward about who you are from the beginning you won’t waste any time pretending, and might get what you want.
  2. It shows a lack of confidence. Being forward about what you want from someone comes with being confident about who you are as a person. You need to be confident and know what you want first before you can want from someone else. Always remember, confidence is attractive to anyone as long as you’re modest about it.
  3. Games are misleading: Games may be fun to play for a while, but might lead you in the wrong direction, which will inevitably lead to disappointment.
  4. It’s a waste of time. Playing games just beats around the bush of getting what you actually want. Instead of playing games, tell the person that you’re interested. If they know what you want, maybe they’ll be more compelled to give it to you.
  5. Someone always loses a game and that’s no fun. There is no “tie”  when it comes to playing a game with someone’s heart. It usually doesn’t feel good when you’re the loser. If you don’t play games you either get what you want or you know from the start that it isn’t going to happen. Less time is wasted and your feelings won’t be as hurt.
  6. Isn’t it mentally draining? Playing the game is all about scheming and manipulation, which is simply mentally draining and can become exhausting.
  7. You might miss out on a great thing. If you play games with someone you genuinely think is great and could have potential with in the future, you may lead them in the wrong direction and eventually they might not take you seriously.
  8. They can give you a reputation. Someone who often plays a lot of games can be considered a player. When it comes time that you actually want to settle down, having this reputation isn’t easy to get rid of.
  9. It’s juvenile. Playing games is very childish. While some people feel that they need to play some games to keep their love interest on their toes, playing games can be very immature and cause people to make stupid mistakes that they might just regret.
  10. Games mean NO commitment. Chances are that the player is playing several people at once. People tend to be more forward when they’re actually interested in someone for the long run. If you’re forward you can probably be sure that it’s substantial.

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