10 Very Creative Mouse Designs

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Our virtual hand has gotten pretty innovative in real life and the credit for this goes to all those concept ideas that seemed pretty outlandish at first. I’m talking about the mighty mouse! From bare minimum functions to creatively complicated, the computer mouse has evolved in its stature. Here is a recap on the Ten Most Creative Mouse Concepts that have been showcased on Yanko Design.

10) OM Wireless Optical Mouse by Lukasz Natkaniec

OM is an optical mouse that is slim and wireless. It measures only 10mm at the highest point and sports an extra-wide body to cover up your palm.

9) Bendy M by Kim Hye-shin

Stripping the mouse of all is fuss, the Bendy M gives us the basic device that’s actually a long strip fashioned to the “infinite-sign-shape”. It doesn’t promise too much on grip tho and is merely a handy tool for the travelers who always complain about carrying bulky devices.

8 ) Toe Mouse by Liu Yi

No hands, no problems! The mouse improvises its form to fit the clutch of your toes! Especially been designed for folks with upper limb disabilities.

7) G-Spot Mouse by Andy Kurovets

Creatively naughty Andy Kurovets should have been a sex-toy designer, but the good lad thinks mouse and sex can lead to a heady cocktail! And he is right! The G-Spot mouse has a sweet spot that takes you directly to your favorite website….true to man-style no foreplay here as well!

6) eVouse by Marcial Ahsayane

I simply adore the eVouse’s form. Now I don’t know how practical it will be while holding it as a pen to render works on the computer, but its glossy pictures suggest a refreshing new form for the drab black blob sitting on my desk currently!

5) Wooden Mouse by Alest Rukov

Exploring different materials to use to manufacture a mouse can be creative as well. The Wooden Mouse here is a perfect example.

4) Apple Slim Mouse by Tryi Yeh

Smooth and cutting edge as the original Apple form, this creative version looks awesome in the aluminum avatar. It switches between trackball (400dpi) and laser (1600dpi) with a micro adjustment and can be manufactured in a glossy plastic version as well.

3) Memory Mouse by Miji Rhoe

Apple’s hockey puck style mouse did not find favors with many, but designer Miji Rhoe still chose to explore this form. The result was a mouse which included built-in memory storage; the flip side was wires and portability. Nevertheless a creative idea!

2) Jelly Click Mouse by Bongkun Shin, Heungkyo Seo, Jiwoong Hwang & Wooteik Lim

The most unusual of the lot is this Jelly Click Mouse. With child-like excitement you inflate the mouse to use. Too bad it’s just a concept!

1) iContact by Eun-Gyeong Gwon & Eun-Jae Lee

It’s not hard to fathom a time in the future where you insert a contact lens into your eye and this in fact is the mouse. The logistics to get the iContact working efficiently could be an engineer’s nightmare, but that shouldn’t limit the creativity of a product designer! [Credit: YankoDesign]

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